Twisted Braid HairStyles

I saw a hairstyle from one hair and immediately tried it on her daughter’s hair. We are so loving these days anything about “twists” hairstyles. In the original hairstyle, is made 4 parts of side ponies. Here in her daughter’s pic i only made.

So, make your part, either from ear to ear and tie each into side ponies. Make sure that the ponies are aligned from each other and Divide the top pony first into the second and make a twisted braid.

Twisted Braid HairStyles

Do the same thing on the remaining pony tails. So now you will have twisted pony tails. All you have to do this time is add your favorite hair accessories on top to add more “umph” to the hairstyle. Here i added a big flower clip on top. I think big bows, flower clips or ribbons make it more prettier. Bigger is better.

Hope you guys like it!! Enjoy doing this Twisted Braid HairStyles.

Thanks. samsprettyhairstyles dot blogspot dot com