What age most children have their first haircut?

Maybe is 15 months and he or she too young. What age were your children when they had their first haircut? tips on how to make it a stress occasion? all of children had hair cuts when they needed them, we went to the hairdresser that used, and tey sat on my lap, and let it be done, we wasnt expecting any problems so i didnt get any.

a few years ago we was childminding a little boy who was about 18 months and his mum had taken him to get a hair cut, she always expected problems with everything with her son, who was a bit nervous of new things.

What age most children have their first haircut?

After 2 bags of chocolate buttons his hair was still all on his head, we offered to take him, no buttons till it was finished, he sat smiling and happily watching his hair go on the floor, and just saying some of the childrens behaviuor can. be because they pick up on your anxieties.

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