How to cut a dramatic concave bob haircut

The primary thing that must be done is to identify the terms in use. An “A-Line” hairstyle is a typical rounded cut bob hairstyle with to some extent longer length at the face than at the back, creating a little slanting cut line. Adding the term “dramatic” is what typically sources difficulties for hairdressers and their clients, because one person’s “dramatic” is another person’s “gloomy”. This haircut is known as the “Concave Bob Haircut“.

In this scenario, “dramatic” probably refers to the perspective of the “A-Line” and more purposely how short the locks are cut in back against the length in front. For even more “dramatic look of the “A-Line” cut, we wish to take the length at the rear of the head up to no less than the mid-nape part. Concave bob haircut is certainly one of the most up to minute hairdos trending lately.

To get the most excellent results making concave bob haircut, start by parting the hair in the usual Seven-Section separation to prepare for the cut. Make sure that you have left down about one and a half inch edge of hair along the hairline. Separate the two nape sections, the left and the right one, and re-secure the upper portion afresh. The tresses in these lower portions of the nape part and the hair below them need to be cut pretty short. They can be tapered or clipper, depending on the looks you desire. You are principally cutting a part that is nearly crescent-shaped petite at the rear of the neck.

How to cut a dramatic concave bob haircut

Once you are done with the lower nape portions short as you wished you can simply let down the next half of the nape parts (left and right) and the other lower halves of the right side and left side parts. These sections then need to be combed straight down until they dangle smoothly. At the face of the head, slash a guide to the preferred length for the front of your ‘A-Line’ style. This can be achieved by either taking the very middle front one-inch piece if you prefer not to have fringe or bang, or thin sections from the face on both side of the bangs/fringe area, if you desire is to include fringe/bangs. Getting the side sections together on the face and cutting them as one guarantee that the guides on either side is of identical length. In the case of concave bob haircut, it should be well below chin length.

After having completed with the front, get to the back and cut an added guide length as wished at the rear of the head. Since, it’s the concave bob haircut, the span should be no less than one-half to one inch under the already cut portions in such a way it should be overlapping. At this spot, the idea is to cut a frank haircut. Ensure even and smooth cutting, doing so by grasping the hair at no elevation and tension at all.

Make the sharply slanting cutting line, and lower the leftover hair just about one-half inch at an instance, brushing the hair to hang effortlessly as you go. Slash these parts to the lengths previously made. If preferred, you can even use a straight razor tool to lightly touch up the trimmings and produce a downy, fine-pointed look and you are done with the most astonishing concave bob haircut.