Hair Farmers – Cultivating Bristles to get that look

So lets start with the term farmer, what is a farmer? A general term defines that a farmer is a person who grows crops, raises livestock or poultry for raw materials and mainly food. But everybody knows that, because we’ve been studying about them since the 1st grade. Anyway, Hair Farmers are no different than regular ones, they grow food and Hair Farmers grow well, hair. Now there are two types of Hair Farmers, one are the set of people who grow or farm their hair to look handsome, and the other are the set of people who are just too lazy to get a hair cut. Either way both have the same title.

Hair Farmers are related to which gender? Generally the male species of the Homo Sapiens are called by that name, because most of the guys have short hair. The female species are not termed as Hair Farmers, because women generally have long hair, since the beginning of time. Honestly sometimes the hair is the only aspect that can be used to differentiate between a male and a female. But in some cases women do farm their hair, obviously to look beautiful. Although this term is nowhere related to them, they can also be defined as Hair Famers, sometimes.

The Negative meaning:

Sometimes guys with long hair are prone to be badgered, for example, ‘You look like a chick’, ‘Lethargic to get a haircut’, or something like ‘Your such a Hair Farmer’. These are the current trending terms, that are used to describe men who play with their long hair for more than half the day. But this was not the case 20 years ago, back then, specifically during the 80’s till the mid 90’s, long hair was “the” look to have. Many of the famous heavy metal bands during that time, like Poison, Whitesnake, Warrant, Motley Crue and many more enclosed of all the band members with long, thick hair in diverse designs. As everything else that trend died down after a few years.

Hair Farmers - Cultivating Bristles to get that look

Good deeds can be performed with Hair:

So now you know the negative things that can happen, if you are a guy with long hair. Now that’s not the only thing about hair farming. There is a 3rd group of people who grow hair for a good cause. Now this was not mentioned earlier, because laziness or beauty is nowhere great when compared to this extremely helpful deed. This 3rd group of people farm or grows hair to donate it to the non-profit organizations, which help financially unstable children to get hair prosthetics, that are obviously made from other human hair. These children might have lost theirs due to medical conditions such as, alopecia areata, which has no cure or cause, telogen effluvium, scarring alopecia and much more.

Now everybody may not look good with long hair, but for some it really does help. Having long hair sometimes is not all that bad. But regardless of how it looks or what reason they farm it, people who grow and donate it for a good deed, should always be appreciated and looked-up to.

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