Concave Bob back view of Stacked bob Haircut

The concave bob is a sophisticated look that has no layers stacked bob. It’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. This style looks great on most people but those with longer faces should avoid this style as the long pieces around the face make the face look even longer.

Women world wide from celebrities to secretaries are following suit, and the concave bob is the bob style to wear for fall 20010-2011 bob haircuts. Let’s take a detailed look at this new and exciting concave bob hairstyle and how it is cut and colored.

Concave Bob Hairstyle

Concave Bob back view of Stacked bob Haircut

The Back View Of The Concave Bob The talent and skill at the back views of stacked haircut, Ben started at the back hairline chipping the ends heavily as it graduated upward. This created a finished look that was blended yet still very texturized stacked bob haircut back view. A textured and full finish was also styled from the crown area to the top back part of supermodel neck back view of bob hairstyle concave bob haircut.