Nano ultraviolet protective textiles

by : W. Kangwansupamonkon. Nanotechnology also has real commercial potential for the textile industry. This is mainly due to the fact that conventional methods used to impart different properties to fabrics often do not lead to permanent effects, and will lose their functions after laundering or wearing.

Nano technology can provide high durability for fabrics, because nano-particles have a large surface area-to-volume ratio and high surface energy, thus presenting better affinity for fabrics and leading to an increase in durability of the function. In addition, a coating of nano-particles on fabrics will not affect their breathability or hand feel. Therefore, the interest in using nanotechnologies in the textile industry is increasing.

Coating is a common technique used to apply nano particles onto textiles. iPod nano. The coating compositions that can modify the surface of textiles are usually composed of nano-particles, a surfactant, ingredients and a carrier medium. Several methods can apply coating onto fabrics, including spraying, transfer printing, washing, rinsing and padding. Of these methods, padding is the most commonly used. The nano-particles are attached to the fabrics with the use of a padder adjusted to suitable pressure and speed, followed by drying and curing of nano sun blocking fabric for sale.

Nano ultraviolet protective textiles

The properties imparted to textiles using nanotechnology include water repellence, soil resistance, wrinkle resistance, anti-bacteria, anti-static and nano UV-protection, flame retardation, improvement of dyeability and so on. As there are various potential applications of nano technology in the textile industry, only some of the well-known properties imparted by nano silver antibacterial residual killing are critically highlighted.

Sun Protective Leggings UV Protector Shirts

Inorganic UV blockers are more preferable nano to organic UV blockers as they are non-toxic and chemically stable under exposure to both high temperatures and UV. Inorganic UV blockers are usually certain semiconductor oxides such as TiO2, ZnO, SiO2 and Al2O3.

Among these semiconductor oxides, titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) are commonly used. It was determined that nano-sized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide were more efficient at absorbing and scattering nano UV radiation than the conventional size, and were thus better able to block UV. This is due to the fact that cotton sunsuits full length have a larger surface area per unit mass and volume than the conventional materials, leading to the increase of the effectiveness of blocking UV radiation.

Nano ultraviolet protective textiles

For small particles, light

scattering predominates at approximately one-tenth of the wavelength of the scattered light. Rayleigh’s scattering theory stated that the scattering was strongly dependent upon the wavelength, where the scattering was inversely proportional to the wavelength to the fourth power. This theory predicts that in order to scatter nano UV radiation between 200 and 400 nm, the optimum particle size will be between 20 and 40 nm.

Various research works on the application of UV-blocking treatment to fabric using nanotechnology were conducted. UV-blocking treatment for cotton fabrics was developed using the sol-gel method accessorics. A thin layer of titanium dioxide is formed on the surface of the treated cotton fabric which provides excellent UV-protection; the effect can be maintained after 50 home launderings. Apart from titanium dioxide, zinc oxide nanorods of 10 to 50 nm in length were applied to cotton fabric to provide nano UV protection. According to the study of the UV-blocking effect, the fabric treated with zinc oxide nanorods demonstrated an excellent nano UV protective factor (UPF) rating. in

The range includes UV protective swimsuits and sunsuits, sun protective rash shirts (rash vests), swim shirts and swim shorts, UV protection surf shirts and board shorts, sun hats and UV protective wear for babies, including romper style UV suits, sunsuits and legionnaire caps. Full body UV protection is offered by stinger suits, and long-sleeve rash vests, long sleeve sunsuits, and swimming leggings also provide increased sun protection.

The sun protection clothing is of the highest quality and is produced by “Stingray” (the original sun protection company is Australia) – specialists in UV protection swim wear and leisure wear. They design every item of clothing to give the best UV protection using the best sun protection fabrics.

The UV protective swimwear and sun protective clothing provides maximum sun protection of UPF50+, blocking over 97.5% of the sun’s ultra violet rays. The clothing is suitable not just for swimming, but also for a range of outdoor activities such as cycling, sailing and of course beach or garden play. Accessories include goggles with maximum UV protection – recommended by the Cancer Council Australia.

New to our range of Sun Protection Clothing:
Sun suits – great new designs of sun suits for girls (Hawaii sun suit; sun suit with long-sleeves – new pink/orange design; Sports-style pink sun suit ) and boys ( Sports-style blue sun suit). Stinger Suits ( full length UV sunsuits) – new Sports-style design for children (10-14yr) and adults.

Rash vests – some great new rash vest (rash shirt, swim shirts) designs in the adult clothing range. New long-sleeve rash shirt designs and ladies surf shirt. Beach Shoes for babies, children and adults offering great protection from hot and pebbly beaches nano ultraviolet protective textiles

New to our Baby Sun Protection range:
Baby Sunsuit – providing sun protection for body, arms, legs and feet!. Buggy SunShades “Rayshade”- for single and double buggies made with fabric with UPF50+ rating.

New for 2007 – Sunsense Sunscreen.

Some examples from the range:
Baby UV suits – A colourful range of baby sun protection romper-style UV suits with long sleeves and long legs giving great UV protection for babies. Baby sunsuit for girls and boys in pink and blue with full body sun protection. Baby legionnaire caps and baby beach shoes are also available – UPF50+. Sunsuit (Raysuit) – in either short or long sleeves, these versatile UV protective suits are great value. They come in a range of colours and prints for children of all ages (See the Adult section for the Ladies sunsuit) and offer maximum UV protection – UPF50+. Stinger suit – great full body UV sun protection for children and adults. Sun protection rating UPF50+.

Rash Shirts (Rash Vests, Swim Shirts) – available in either short or long-sleeves. The rash vests provide UV protection of UPF50+ and come in a range of children and adult designs. Swim Shorts – for children and adults, in a range of colours that coordinate with rash shirts and offer maximum sun protection UPF50+.

Swim Leggings – providing complete sun protection for legs (and therefore the need for less sunscreen) these legging are becoming increasingly popular. Sun protection – UPF50+. Available in children and adult sizes. Legionnaires hats – great head and neck sun protection for in and out of the water, with UPF 50+ sun protection. There is a legionnaire cap to match each UV swim wear outfit. Wide Brimmed Sun Hats and Cricket Hats – UV protective sun hats with wide brims to give excellent face and neck sun protection for adults – UPF50+ organic kids uv protector shirts

Baby Banz and Kids Banz – these extremely popular sunglasses for babies and young children are comfortable to wear and safe, and come in a range of bright fun colours. They offer 100% UV protection and are recommended by the Australian Cancer Society.

Beach Shoes – extending our range we have added beach shoes for babies, children and adults.

Buggy Sunshade – either single or double buggy sunshade – Rayshade – to give babies and toddlers increased shade and UV protection.

Goggles – with maximum UV protection – recommended by the Cancer Council Australia. by :


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