Klong Muang in the Memories

At the Klong Muang in the Memories. As Krabi’s klong muang beach areas become more and more crowded, it’s a relief to know that one small corner of this province is still the postcard-picture image of paradise.

The unspoilt beach at Klong Muang is just a stones throw from Ao Nang and yet, the peace and serenity here is a million miles from the tourist traps and big brash resorts just down the road. Places to stay in the area are located directly on the beach. Luxury rooms and bungalows look out over the waters of the Andaman Sea, giving you the perfect view of a spectacular sunset.

As the sun sets over the Andaman, the time has come to relax and sample some of the finest seafood you’ll ever taste. Krabi is known country-wide for the fresh produce from these waters.

Klong Muang in the Memories

Klong Muang Beach Guide

Everything you need to know about Klong Muang Beach. Klong Muang Beach is a quiet area, a place to leave the crowds behind. A few years there was almost nothing here apart from a beautiful beach. Several hotel groups ‘discovered’ Klong Muang at around the same time and now it’s an established upmarket area for five star and boutique hotels with more to come.

The local village at the back of the beach is still in its infancy with a few shops, including the obligatory tailor’s shop and a handful of restaurants.

Klong Muang in the Memories

At the Klong Muang in the Memories. Klong Muang is undisturbed – almost available solely for its exclusive guests and a few fishermen. The white sand beach seems to go on forever along the coast, with a small island at one end – home to local seabirds and rockpools full of life.

It’s the kind of beach, to just sit and contemplate, especially at sunset. Dozens of tiny islands lie dotted on the horizon and to the south, at Laem Ham Nak, is a Royal residence of the Princess.

If you’d like to see more photos of klong Muang Krabi and market, please click on the pics to view some more photos which I took of this lovely pool.

What to Do in Klong Muang Relax on the beach and enjoy the view. If you feel energetic you could take a local tour. A couple of operators organise kayaking and other tours around the Klong Muang area.

Klong Muang in the Memories

Klong Muang Dining & Nightlife There are a few small, restaurants and shops outside the resort grounds. In Klong Muang, it’s excellent food, good company, and a moonlight stroll along the beach, rather than a vibrant nightlife that’s on the menu in other places. But then Klong Muang is maintaining a low profile, which is why the five star hotels are located there.

Ao Nang is only fifteen minutes away by car for those looking for some life.

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