Inverted Bob Back View

The inverted bob can be cut in a slow graduated angle or cut sharply to an almost point, exposing all of the neck, and short layers at the back of the head that can be spiked up with a stiffer hair product.

For thicker and coarser hair, the bob can offer a sleeker look that is harder to achieve without razoring the cuts. The one constant in most bob hairstyles is that they require a certain amount of styling. To keep a bob’s shape and sleekness, you will need a decent blow dryer.

Depending on how you would like to wear your stylish cut, you will need a smoothing balm and possibly a small straightening iron for all those shorter layers.

Inverted Bob Back View

Thicker hair can be given a smoother appearance with a silicone sealant. Embracing natural texture is also going to be very “in” for this fall, so a texturizing cream applied to damp hair will give you a very contemporary look.

These sometimes edgy styles takes on a classic look can be seen on the red carpet, runway, and city streets. Enjoy, Bob Hairstyles The Back View.