In Terms Of Long Hair Japan Holds A History

Long hair is something which is never out of fashion. No matter how fast the lives of people move and how women opt for shorter hair to adjust to their fast lifestyle, long hair will always remain the first choice for women who want to take out time and take extra measures for this beautiful and most appealing feature of their whole being. Most of the men also crave foe long hair on their women. There is no denying about the fact that long hair holds a magic of its own.

Women in Asia are considered to be the beholder of best hair texture and type. The reason is the availability of rich oils and conditioning herbs in the continent such as amla, reetha, mustard oil etc. etc. When it comes to long hair, Japan is a country which holds a secret about this very feminine and appealing attribute of women. The secret is Camelia Oil. Camelia oil is being used by Asian beauties and particularly those Japanese people who want to have lustrous long hair. Japan is a country which knows about the richness of this oil. Camelia oil has the richness of Vitamins A, B, C and E. The herbal aroma is a pleasure to smell.

Frizzy Hair Beautiful

Camelia oil which is a secret of long hair, Japan calls it by the name of Tsubaki while Chinese call it tea seed oil. It also contains the same fatty acids which are present in olive oil. It conditions the scalp and promote the growth of healthy long and shiny hair. Besides the idea of long hair, Japan also believe that it can darken and restore the color of gray hair. Several well known cosmetic brand use the Camelia Oil in mascaras due to the same reasons.

As a matter of fact, it is not recent years when long hair Japan appreciates. The history goes back to a very long time. Various cultures and regions have different standard of beauties particularly in the old times. Some people even used to consider the women with stretched lowered lips as the most beautiful. In some regions brass rings around the elongated neck and in others tattoos on face were considered marks of extreme beauty. In the era of Heian which stretches from 794 till 1185 AD, long hair was considered as the greatest beauty in women.