Dashing boy haircut styles

This medium length hairstyle for boys is super cute! Tapered at the neck and around the ears the length is then blended up seamlessly into longer hair on the top. Don’t forget to break out the comb to get the perfect part. This haircut is great to achieve a less casual feel.

How to Dashing boy haircut styles

Ask your stylist to taper the neck and up around the ears into about an inch and a half on top of the head. and When hair is still wet part it to the side with a comb and then style with a product that has some hold.

Dashing boy haircut styles

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type Dashing boy haircut styles

Great for boys and mens hairstyleswith finer textured hair. If hair is too thick or straight it won’t lay down when parted. Wavier hair could work too and you would just have a little more texture on the top.

Recommended Products Dashing boy haircut styles

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste is great for flexible hold and texture. The finish has a little bit of shine but looks great on parted hairstyles – really polishes off the look mens hairstyles. The Soy Paste smells great, too!

Dashing boy haircut styles Tips

If you want to create a more casual look mens hairstyles, skip the comb and spike up his hair with a flexible hold gel that won’t flake.

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