Boy Haircut Styles

This adorable short hairstyle is great for busy boys and moms who want a no-fuss style. Keeping the hair short around the back and sides and just slightly longer on the top is a classic style. This shorter hair also works well with crazy cowlicks or growth patterns. You can choose to use a little product or skip it on days you don’t have time.

How to Boy Haircut Styles

Get the right cut! Ask your son’s stylist or barber to use a #4 sized clipper on the back and sides and a #6 or #7 on the top then blend. You can also ask for a shorter scissor-over-comb cut on the back and sides and finger length on the top.

Add some style and mens hairstyles! Crunchy gels are messy and not in style anymore. Instead opt for a flexible to firm hold hair wax or pomade. Dab some on your fingers and rub onto your hands then apply to the top of the head and piece up with your fingers.

Boy Haircut Styles

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type Boy Haircut Styles

This straight hairstyle is great for boys who have a lot of cowlicks and swooping hair growth patterns. Due to the short length they will blend in so much better.

Recommended Products Boy Haircut Styles

I think matte finishes look great on guys so try a pomade like Baxter of California Clay that will give texture and hold without the shine.

Tips Boy Haircut Styles

Shorter haircuts require more trips mens hairstyles to the salon for upkeep but ask your stylist or barber if you can stop by in between appointments for a neck and around the ear clean up to get you by.

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