Classic bob modern hairstyle

The angled bob is the modern take on the classic bob. The bob cut has never been out of style. It just took different dimensions and variations to get the updated look like what it is now. The bob nowadays is softer and rounder as compared to the bob in the past that used to be blunter. If you really want to do your own haircut, it is better that you try it first on a mannequin.
Angled Bob

This is to avoid mistakes that you might regret if you cut straight directly on your own hair. This is how to cut your hair in the angled bob style step by step

The angled bob Haircut modern

First shampoo the hair and towel dry it. Section the hair. Take one to one and a half inch of hair that was sectioned. Cut at an angle form the center back of the hair. This is done by holding the back section, specifically at the center of the neck area at a 45-degree angle. In order to determine the correct angle, place the comb as your guide over the back of the head and have it angled towards the occipital bone. Start cutting on one side and then to the other side.

Next, once you have cut the hair on the nape area, start again with the next section. Work your way outward to the center back, always at 45-degree angle. Work your way through the whole hair. Use the previous section as your guide. Be sure to comb the hair down every time you have finished cutting a section so to know whether you have a clean line.

Create corners of the haircut by holding small vertical small sections of the hair. This should be placed a 45-degree angle to create corners of the hair.

Trim the bangs if there is any to blend in the front sides of the haircut.