Finding the best hair colour for you

Hair dye is in demand! With models at Mulberry’s spring and summer, Use red color show all sporting identical auburn wigs into leading the way on the red carpet with their scarlet locks, it’s not a trend that’s going to fade into the background anytime soon. To give you a heads up on how to dye your hair red, we grilled HOB Salon’s Creative Colour Director and British Colour Technician of the Year.

For a fast and furious punchy red colours last between three and 30 washes so you can dabble in the ruby hues without committing to a serious style overhaul. Alternatively, if you don’t want to waste time with temporary options, make a beeline for your salon and book in for a session with your colourist to talk through the options available to you. And remember it isn’t just fire engine red that ticks the box of this trend.

Finding the best hair colour for you

This season redheads should opt for Hibiscus red, poppy peach, heirloom rose, orange sorbet and amber confirms Christel, proving that when it comes to red, anything goes as long as it’s bright and bold.

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