Bob Classic Stunning Shoulder Length

You maybe starting with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair, braid it all up either going straight back. If your hair is natural blow it out first to reduce it’s volume and create small braids to get as flat a base as possible.

You can sew in the extensions starting at the nape from side to side. Sew them in in a continuous weft without cutting. Once you get close to the middle of your head, start sewing the hair in a circle around your head. This is to create the bang at the front. The hair will be falling directly over your face as you sew it in so use some duck bill clips to hold the hair away from your face.

Bob Classic Stunning Shoulder Length

And a continue sewing the hair in a circle until you have a round spot at the top of your head that matches the size of the closure and tie the hair of the closure into a ponytail and carefully cut any excess lace off.

With your bang, use a razor comb to cut the hair carefully checking to make sure that you don’t take too much off. You want a pretty heavy bang so dont thin down the bang too much.

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