Cutting Hair Style for School

The Cosmetology Mannequin Manikin Training Head with Human Hair, hair style for school 24 inches hair length from forehead to tip of hair in the back, 100% Natural Human Hair – Medium Brown, Vinyl head and facial makeup, Suitable for state board exams and Fits standard holding clamps or tripods for hair schools

Hair for School

It 24″ – 100% Human Hair in Medium Brown Color. True size human head with actual human hair growth pattern. Suitable for state board exams, I received this yesterday & was pleasantly surprised at how real the hair quality was, perfect to work with. The length is perfect too, not too long & not too short. The only draw back is that i couldn’t help but notice the shedding which started as soon as i started toying with the hair. I haven’t even put a hair brush to it yet, just a bit of gentle hand combing & it has started shedding ! If only the hair was made stronger i would’ve given it a 5 star for school for hair stylist

Different Hairstyle

I ordered this on the 3rd and it was supposed to be here on the thirteenth no later and showed up on the 9th (today) Its a realy nice mannequin and the hair is in fact human and lock the only thing that bothers me is it looks diffrent on the picture it has realy small eyes and red lipstick and the eyes are brown over it actaully pretty looks asian overall it is really nice and it hold curls and straihtens perfectly for hair style for school

My daughter uses this head everyday to make a new hairstyle or just to brush it. The real human hair is no joke! Washes great, can be curled with a hot iron or curlers. Truly a best buy in my book. I tried beating the price elsewhere and couldn’t do it. The hair is wonderfully long and is easy to brush and performs just like real human hair. He even used a highlighting kit on it and it turned out perfect! If you are needing a real human hair head to practice on, then this is absolutely the best deal around! This is NOT a paid advertisement, I just love a great deal when I find one and want to pass it on. By the way, my daughter wants to buy another with her allowance because the price is so reasonable and this product is so amazing.