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fashion clothing t-shirt

In my bag: The Kooba handbag fall trends for women assorted kids’ snacks, Dove chocolate (immediately scarfed, of course), Calvin Klein glasses, a wallet, two checkbooks, a Nacho Libre pen, Sponge Bob party invite, Lorac “Kiss” lip polish, green tea blotting papers, half-sharpened Crayola colored pencils and a zillion receipts. I’m thinking a small clutch won’t work for me. And like a lot of busy, multitasking moms it’s not unusual to need to tuck my Blackberry in the same bag as a Barbie or two.

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That’s why I love big bags with lots of pockets and compartments, like this Kooba bag. It’s one of those great convertible styles that can be a satchel or a shoulder bag, comes in three color ways and is classic enough to be able to carry it for years (or until sippy cup spills make their way throught the lining style merchandising.) on page design schools.

fashion clothing t-shirt

Clothing Home Page Thailand T-shirt

The one thing I’m always on the lookout for in my wardrobe? Great T-shirts to wear with everything from jeans to shorts. This pretty style from Calvin Klein Jeans fits the bill: a ruched-neckline (flattering for everyone) and flutter sleeves give this knit top a soft edge. A longer cut and three easy-to-wear colors complete the package. (Photo Credit:

fashion clothing t-shirt

Wearable Trends

One word right now? Dresses. And lots of them. In fact, in recent trend cycles dresses have never been hotter. There are babydolls (I guess we can thank Paris Hilton for that), kimono-sleeve dresses, shirtdresses, wrap dresses, jersey dresses…you get the picture for women . They work for daytime and nighttime, Kooba handbag and there’s a look for every body, age and budget. But there’s more than just dresses: metallics, patent, animal prints and bangle bracelets all make appearance on our list of wearable trends for now. Find out which new trends merchandising work for you fall trends.

fashion clothing t-shirt

In the world almost everything is recycled. That hot new trend you’ve latched onto probably isn’t new – it just found its way back to a store near you. Guess which era is makin’ a huge comeback for spring and summer 2004? The tacky, wacky ’80s, baby! Get ready for stripes, leg warmers, a rainbow of jelly bracelet colors and a whole lot more.

Home Page Designs – Black & White and Striped All Over Black and white is all the rage, especially stripes. Thin stripes, fat stripes, vertical and horizontal striped T-shirts and skirts are H-O-T-T. You’re also going to find that a lot of clothes will be made from body-clinging fabrics like Lycra or spandex, which were super-popular in the ’80s. Oh, and don’t forget to leave some room in your closet for multi-colored stripes plus size clothing too schools!

The Bigger the Better Ok, we’re talking earrings here ladies. Earrings with attitude. If your earrings are hiding behind your clothing, they just aren’t big enough. Whether they’re hoops or just kind of crazy and dangly – you wanna make a statement with ’em. Match the color with your shirt or maybe with your shoes. Just make sure they stand out!

Clothing Merchandising School- Jelly Bracelets & Fishnet Stockings Madonna set the trend back in the day by wearing an armful of jelly bracelets (which are actually made of rubber or plastic) and now you can load up on ’em too. Pair them up with a black and white stretch shirt or a pair of colorful fishnet stockings. Fishnets first will really add some extra flair to your outfit.

Fall Merchandising School – Floral Prints Button-down shirts, skirts and dresses in floral patterns are a must-have – just don’t over do it. One dress and/or shirt will be good for the season. Make sure you don’t get decked out in floral from head to toe. If you have a floral skirt, pair it up with a solid color top, so your outfit won’t be too busy.

Achieve a Satisfying Career by Attending the Right Design School

Are you interested in pursuing a career? Perhaps you have always loved clothes and accessories and would love to work with them, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about finding a job in the field. Your best bet for a career is to attend a top design school.

The good news is that the field is ever-growing. Once you’ve earned a degree from one of the many excellent schools that offer one, you’ll be well placed for career success. You may want towork in design, creating eye-catching apparel. There is always a market for talented designers. After all, everyone wants to wear attractive clothing that expresses their personality. The colleges for design

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Fall Trends Merchandising School and design schools – Leg Warmers and Chucks While summer is on the horizon, there are still some chilly spring days to brave before it arrives. So why not keep warm with a cute pair of leg warmers? Pair them with with a skirt (you could even put them over your fishnets), and you’ve got an outfit that’ll turn heads. Now the only thing you need is the right footwear and you’ll be unstoppable. A closet full of ’80s clothing just wouldn’t be complete without a pair of Chucks (Converse high tops). These versitile kicks look great with just about everything and they come in every color under the rainbow.

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